Flutterby Child Care Centre

Opened in 2005, Flutterby Child Care Centre is a registered child care centre that caters for boys and girls aged 2 years to 4 years.

At Flutterby, we aim to provide a safe, stimulating and challenging place for your child to begin his or her early years’ education. This is a big step for most young children and we aim to help each child develop to their full potential as an individual and as a member of a larger group.

Children are grouped according to age and 2 year old groups are in groups of up to 6 children. While 3 year old are in groups of up to 15  children.  Since young children learn by first-hand experience through carefully structured play activities, we believe that these first years in their educational journey should focus on learning through play.  To this effect, we are proud to offer spacious indoor and outdoor settings for our tiny tots. With the help of qualified, caring and responsible Child Carers, the children utilize all spaces throughout the day so as to offer varied stimulating and engaging forms of play.

The aims of the Centre are:

  • to help children develop their mental, emotional and social skills and to foster team spirit through play;
  • to value all children as individuals; and,
  • to provide a homely environment where children feel safe and secure.
To this effect, children are exposed to both structured and free play, cooking activities, sand and water play, puppet shows, role play and dressing-up activities, amongst others.  Outings for parents and children are organized every month and a concert as well as a marathon and sports’ day are organized annually for our tiny ones.


Flutterby Child Care Centre strongly believes in the co-operation with parents and thus operates an open door policy so as to facilitate the ongoing communication with them.  For many children, this will be their first experience of moving away from mummy and daddy and as such, the transition has to be done delicately and with a lot of support from the School and the parents. As such, parents are an important chain in this link and are valued immensely by the School.


For more information, kindly contact:

Director of Early Years
Ms. Karen Galea
email:            karen.galea@stcatherines.eu
telephone:      (+356 21376545)

Assitant Director of Early Years
Ms. Karen Abela
email:            karen.abela@stcatherines.eu
telephone:      (+356 21376545)

Alternatively, you can send an email to info@stcatherines.eu.

We hope you will choose Flutterby to start the educational journey of your son or daughter.