Mission, Vision & Values

St. Catherine’s High School works towards the holistic educational development of its students.  It aims at guiding and mentoring students to become confident and self-realized adults, responsible global citizens and lifelong learners.

The St. Catherine’s High School community works collaboratively with all the stakeholders to attain its goals, focusing on creating learning outcomes that provide academic excellence, sound and active citizenship, values-based trajectories and holistic personal and social development of all its students.

The three basic tenets that the School has always embraced since its inception have been:
– a belief in a values-based education journey;
– a focus on academic achievement;
– an emphasis on discipline aimed towards good citizenship; and
– a belief that children embrace learning more enthusiastically when the environment is conducive to their overall well-being and the students are happy.

In accomplishing its mission and realizing its vision, St. Catherine’s High School values:

  • facilitating holistic educational development;
  • securing a sound beginning and a successful ending of the educational journey;
  • providing encouragement and opportunities for learning;
  • embracing the Christian tenets of love, respect, acceptance, faith, hope and community-building;
  • appreciating diversity and intercultural realities;
  • creating a happy environment;
  • fostering a family ambience;
  • involving active parental participation;
  • promoting lifelong learning;
  • ensuring equality and equity; and,
  • respecting the environment and the animal world.