Pre-Junior School

When children turn four, they are introduced to the Pre-Junior class, which is a transitional year between the Flutterby Child Care years (2 and 3 year olds) and the Junior School (5 year old upwards).

As you may well imagine, this year is an important milestone in the educational journey of the child and at St. Catherine’s High School, we take this year very seriously.  As such, in the Pre-Junior year, we strive to offer an exciting and creative programme of activities which helps each child fulfil his/her potential and allows him/her to master the basic skills required of this age, namely:
– concentration skills;
– personal, social and emotional skills;
– creative and physical education development; and,
– a learning trajectory that is theme-based and through which literacy, numeracy, science & religion are taught.

Children are grouped in classes of 20 students or so, and together with their Class Teacher, they follow a programme of activities which is imbued with both fun-oriented learning adventures based on the principles and objectives outlined above.  Each Pre-Junior class is a spacious 25 feet by 25 feet classroom with plenty of natural light and air and it is equipped with the latest educational and fun equipment to suit the age group.

School for the Pre-Junior students starts at 7:50am in the morning and ends at 1:40pm, after which the parents may opt for the Extra Curricular Activities proposed by the School (and which take place till 2:45pm or so).

Outings for the children are organised regularly and children also take part in School wide events such as the annual Christmas Concert, Sports Day, the Multi Activity Marathon, amongst others. These are much awaited occasions by both the parents and the students themselves who pride themselves in being able to dance, act and run in front of a wide audience!

If you would like to have a look at the life of a Pre-Junior student and class, please feel free to log onto our Pre-Junior Blogs

We hope you enjoy the trip into the world of our four year olds and we promise to offer the best continuation to your child’s educational journey at our School.