In this Section, Parents are to find the following information for their perusal, namely:

1. School Calendar – Parents are to take note of the important dates scheduled on the School Calendar. While the calendar is provisional, the School Administration does its best to stick to the dates on the calendar so it is recommended that parents take note of the dates of events, holidays, school trips etc.
Parents of Pre/Junior/Senior students are to note that School officially starts at 7:50 am (class time with the class teacher or Assembly for the community). Students are expected to be in class by 7:45 am at the latest.
2. Booklists – Parents are to take note of which class their son/daughter will move in September 2018 and click on the Booklist for that level. All books are available from our preferred seller, Merlin Library (via their online booking system or from their bookshop Blata l-Bajda) or from any other bookshops in Malta. Books should be wrapped in plastic covers and labelled with the child’s name and surname and class.
3. Stationery Lists – Parents are to take note of which class their son/daughter will move onto in September 2018 and click on the Stationery List for that level. All the items on the list are available from our preferred seller, Faber Castell (via their online booking system) or from any other stationery shops in Malta. Stationery items should be labelled with the child’s name and surname and class and should be brought to School on the day of the Parents’ Meeting (Flutterby/Pre/Junior School) or on the first days of School (Senior School).
4. Transport Provision Application & Declaration Forms – Following the Government’s commitment towards the provision of Free and Supervised School Transport to students attending Kindergarten and Compulsory Schooling in independent schools, we are still waiting for information regarding the new scheme and how it is going to be implemented. Once
we obtain all the necessary information, the School will initiate the application process and to this effect, an email will be sent to inform the Parents.
5. School Uniform Lists – Parents are to make sure that their child has all the necessary items of the School Uniform (according to the time of the year and according to the Level). Students start the School Year with the Summer Uniform and the shift to the Winter Uniform is usually made around the end of October/beginning of November (usually after the MidTerm Holidays), so parents need to make sure that they have the items of dress wear ready for those times. Dress code at School is strictly adhered to and students will not be allowed to wear any other items of dress/foot wear and/or accessories which are not within the remit of the School Uniform List. All items (except the shoes which can be purchased from any shoe store) are to be purchased from ID School Gear in Zebbug (see flyer for more details and for the map). It is imperative that ALL uniform items are labelled clearly (using indelible ink) with the student’s name and surname and the class they are in.
With regards to the shoes, all Pre/Junior/Senior students are to wear navy blue jogging shoes.
6. Change in Student/Parent Information – An email will be sent out to all parents with instructions on how to update PowerSchool with any changes in their email address, telephone/mobile numbers or postal address. It is important that parents keep the information on PowerSchool updated so that we can guarantee that information reaches you in a timely way.
7. After-School Extra Curricular Programme – In response to our recent parent feedback and survey results, the programme for the coming year will be extended to 3:30 pm (including Catechism which will run till 3:30 pm too following feedback given by parents). The confirmed schedule will be available via our website and a copy will be sent to parents via email during the first week of September 2018. The closing date for all enrolments will be Friday 28th September 2018. A Registration Fair will also take place at the beginning of the school year so that parents can learn about the activities on offer in this programme. Please note that late enrolments will not be accepted after the deadline. The programme will begin the second week of each Term (specific dates will be sent out to the parents who would have registered their children for the programme).
8. Outings Fee (all Sectors) – Like last year, an Outings’ Fee will be issued at the beginning of the year (to cover all the outings scheduled for the year) and parents are kindly requested to pay this once Term 1 starts. From this year, this will not only apply for Flutterby and the Junior School but also for the Senior School. The amount will be indicated at a later date. An itemized receipt will then be sent at the end of the year with the amount spent and any money brought forward to the following year.
9. Alternative Provision (Jun 1 – Sen 2)– Parents of students who do not follow Religion and/or Maltese lessons have already been requested to fill in the Registration Form for the Alternative Provision programme. Kindly note that this form must reach the Directors of the Sectors, Ms. Giselle Mangion ( for the Senior School or Ms. Marguerite Agius ( for the Junior School. If you have not yet sent this form, kindly do so immediately so that the provision can be planned well.
We thank you for your co-operation and collaboration.
The School Management Teams and Administration.

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